New version is already available. Finally added the connections frame. You can save/edit atributes (alias, login, password, server, port, comments) of your most used connections.

Added features:

You can save/edit attributes of your most used connections. Information is stored in the xml file 'conn.xml' in the configs folder. When you click on the Connect/New/Edit button, the login frame will be raised. The Clear button in the login dialog will clear all the input fields, port and server will default to localhost:3306. The passwords are stored encrypted using symmetric encryption "DES" in the file 'configs/'. The key for en/decryption is stored in file 'configs/key'. The '' file uses combination of server, login and alias to pairs it with a certain password.

New subversion with java help (also available in documentation) is released.

New version of MyJgui is released.

Added features:

  • Added column sort for Content of table.
  • Added two options in menu Preferences:
    • SQL sort:
      • true - sort executed via sql;
      • false - not yet implemented
    • Aut. refresh of content of table:
      • true - after insert/update/delete of current table inContent of table will be automatically refreshed;
      • false- refresh not executed automatically;
        This two options are saved in file. It should be stored in the current directory. If the file does not exist, the default preferences will be used.After editing preferences, the file is created/updated.
  • Changed application icon.

New version with a lot of added features is released. The most usable feature is saving the sql queries you are frequently running and the possibility access them via menu.

Added features:

  • Line numbering in all output tables.
  • New next/previous icons in the toolbar of Content of table tab. These forward/rewind the result table by limit set at the main toolbar.
  • Sql details tab shows also the number of returned rows.
  • New Run query button in the main toolbar.
  • Confirm dialog shown when executing update/delete queries without where clause and all drop or truncate actions.
  • New menu item - Save sql details: saves contents of Sql details tab to a file.
  • SQLMarks:
    • Sqlmarks allow you to "bookmark" sql queries and reaccess them via menu.
    • Sqlmark gets added by selecting the text of a query (in SQL Console) and choosing Add sqlmark from menu(keyboard shortcut will get added soon). :)
    • Further sqlmark management (remove, edit, add, create folders,..) is possible through Manage sqlmarks menu item.
    • By clicking a certain sqlmark in the menu the query gets loaded into SQL Console as selected text ready for firing up. You can also set automatic execution in the 'Preferences'.
    • Sqlmarks are stored in external XML file.


  • Sql sort is now applied on right click in order to allow resizing of columns.

After month and a half another version of MyJgui is released.
This release has brought MyJgui to the next level by adding some of the key features, even though some more advanced once are still to be included in the future releases.

Added features:

  • Added error messages upon failed login.
  • Added blob handling into the data grid.
  • SQL details are tabbed with Blob viewer.
  • Blob viewer is focused after selecting the blob column in the data grid.
  • Editable limit boxes of the Content of table in the toolbar.
  • The SQL Details tab pane shows the query execution time.
  • Popup menus after right clicking the database tree.
  • Popup menus contain basic options such as truncate table drop table/database and refresh.
  • After executing a query by pressing ctrl-return the MySQL Query tab gets focused .
  • The text in the Input text fields in the login frame gets selected after gaining focus.
  • The cells in the data grids are editable, though the changes are not updated into the database (planned feature).