New features: 

Filtering connection nodes. Panel for search can be shown but also hidden.
When entering text and pressing search icon, filtering will proceed. After removing text from search text field, the filtering will be removed.
The nodes are no more automatically refreshed after selection. Refresh will happen after double click on node.
Also small management of running tasks, with possibility to cancel running task.


when inserting more than one row.
when opening wizards for create database or table.

New features:

After creating new table via wizard, the table is in tree preselected and data are refreshed.
After creating new connection via Manage connection, the inserted connection will be preselected and visible.
Inserting sql query from advanced find, will append the string to the new line to the end.
Adding message, to inform user, that save of file was successful.
Column name of table headers can be shown also as tooltip.

Finally, there is new MyJgui version released. I hope you will enjoy it.

New features:

Now you can set font size of log views.

When you are working with table data, sort is not removed after refresh.

In create table wizard, choosing column type is more comfortable.

For search, there was added button to insert sql into sql console, and ignore limit check box.

Small change in creating sql marks.

Help was removed from application.  From now on, help will be provided only on web page.


Other changes coming soon..

This is just maintenance release fixing number of silly bugs:


Ignoring limit after commit/rollback in Content of table. Not working popup actions of log views. Problem to run query in Sql console.

New features:

Now you can set font size of Sql console (as possible for views).

If you are upgrading from previous version ( just replace MyJgui.jar from download section.


Problem updating via data grid with composite primary keys.

(Simply replace old MyJgui.jar file with the new one from download section -, if upgrading from 0.7.4)