The Details pane is tabbed into 5 different sections - Sql log, Text view, Messages, Log and Processes.

The Sql log shows SQL statements of executed queries via the SQL console.

The Text view is intended to show the output of string structures such as blobs, varchar... that are difficult to view through the Table data output grids. In the future more than just plain text will be displayed for different binary formats.

The Messages displays all the errors, messages that may come from execution of a query, from an unsupported GUI action, orĀ  as user action result. This tab gets focused when the errors/messages are cachted, so there is no need to check for errors if the tab did not get focused.

The Log tab shows the output of all the ran SQL queries. It poses no difference if it's a query ran from the SQL Console or a query ran by the program itself. All of them are included with the number of returned rows and execution time. The new lines get added at the end of the tab and you can clear or save them through the top menu tools.

Each tab pane has popup actions: Save as.. and Clear.

The Processes tab shows currently or last running process. If the process is running, the 'Cancel' button is enabled. Also time spent on process, description and status of process is shown here.