SQL Console is the main working space. It is composed of a large text area. Contains also toolbar with useful actions.

In this area all the SQL queries are to be inserted. After inputting the query, select it and hit the CTRL-RETURN shortcut in order to run the query. You can either select the text to be executed as a query, or simply run the line the cursor is at. First the text starting and ending with the new line is preselected, and afterwards passed as SQL statement. SQL Console has undo/redo support available also via common keyboard shortcuts.

Via text field with label 'Search:' you can highlight occurrences of searched text.

TODO: next version will contain first steps in feature: Intelligent code competition. At first there become available standard SQL keywords.


You can add parameters to your SQL queries (directly or in SQLmarks) using symbols '[', ']'. You can put the name or a short description of the parameter inside. Before executing the sql, a dialog will rise with the input field for the value of the parameter. You can put as many parameters as you need in the query.
These queries can also be saved as SQLmarks.

Examples of queries with parameters feature:

select * from table_name where id = [value]

select * from table_name where colname like '[colname starts with]%'