After month and a half another version of MyJgui is released.
This release has brought MyJgui to the next level by adding some of the key features, even though some more advanced once are still to be included in the future releases.

Added features:

  • Added error messages upon failed login.
  • Added blob handling into the data grid.
  • SQL details are tabbed with Blob viewer.
  • Blob viewer is focused after selecting the blob column in the data grid.
  • Editable limit boxes of the Content of table in the toolbar.
  • The SQL Details tab pane shows the query execution time.
  • Popup menus after right clicking the database tree.
  • Popup menus contain basic options such as truncate table drop table/database and refresh.
  • After executing a query by pressing ctrl-return the MySQL Query tab gets focused .
  • The text in the Input text fields in the login frame gets selected after gaining focus.
  • The cells in the data grids are editable, though the changes are not updated into the database (planned feature).