The database tree consists of some connections, their databases and their respective tables. At the beginning only the connections saved in the conn.xml file get displayed. Alias is mandatory field and will be shown in the database tree as node name. After right click on a certain connection, the popup menu is displayed and you can connect to the specified destination. After connection is established, the databases are rendered into the tree. Double-clicking on a specific database node, shows all it`s tables.
On the event of right clicking on the certain node a pop-up menu is displayed. The menu changes depending upon selected tree level.

Connection specific operations:

When not connected to database, the only enabled option in the popup menu is connect. Or simply click on connection node to open connection. Option disconnect will disconnect you from the current connection. Option refresh will run queries: use database and show tables. Option create db is shortcut for opening Create database wizard.

Database specific operations:

The refresh database item on a database node causes the application to reread all the tables within the database. This is achieved by calling a sequence of sql commands use database, show tables and show table status.

Also contains shortcut to call Create table wizard.

Other options: Dump db - creates database dump. Read more below... 

Show create database runs corresponding queryThe drop database item raises a warning and upon it's confirmation actually drops the database including all it's tables.


Table specific operations:

The refresh table item calls select * from [table name] SQL query effectively refreshing the displayed content of the selected table.

Rows count - shows the number of rows of the selected table. Show create table, analyze table, optimize table, check table, repair table runs corresponding queries. Dump table - creates table dump.

The drop table item raises a warning and upon it's confirmation drops the table.
The only item available in table pop-up menu which is not available in the database is the truncate table item. This empties the contents and resets auto_increment counters of the table without actually removing it's structure.



Full mysql database/table dump support with effective I/O and memory handling. Client based compression of the dump file. Backup data even through low-speed connections and on low-end hardware. Automatic dump character set and encoding handling.