New version with a lot of added features is released. The most usable feature is saving the sql queries you are frequently running and the possibility access them via menu.

Added features:

  • Line numbering in all output tables.
  • New next/previous icons in the toolbar of Content of table tab. These forward/rewind the result table by limit set at the main toolbar.
  • Sql details tab shows also the number of returned rows.
  • New Run query button in the main toolbar.
  • Confirm dialog shown when executing update/delete queries without where clause and all drop or truncate actions.
  • New menu item - Save sql details: saves contents of Sql details tab to a file.
  • SQLMarks:
    • Sqlmarks allow you to "bookmark" sql queries and reaccess them via menu.
    • Sqlmark gets added by selecting the text of a query (in SQL Console) and choosing Add sqlmark from menu(keyboard shortcut will get added soon). :)
    • Further sqlmark management (remove, edit, add, create folders,..) is possible through Manage sqlmarks menu item.
    • By clicking a certain sqlmark in the menu the query gets loaded into SQL Console as selected text ready for firing up. You can also set automatic execution in the 'Preferences'.
    • Sqlmarks are stored in external XML file.


  • Sql sort is now applied on right click in order to allow resizing of columns.