New features:

  1. Sql console: Sql console has now it's own toolbar including search field with 'Next' and 'Highlight all' buttons.
    Keyboard shortcuts: MyJgui has made a step towards better user interface with a new keyboard shortcut infrastructure. Future releases will introduce an interface to edit shortcuts according to your preferences. For now you can use these shortcuts:
    'Ctrl F' pressed at SQL Console will focus the search field.
    'Ctrl Shift T' places current table name in the SQL Console
    'Ctrl Shift D' places current database name in the SQL Console
    'Ctrl Shift S' places generic select on current table in the SQL Console
    'Ctrl Shift Q' places generic full query on current table in the SQL Console
    Shortcut actions are also accessible through a context right-click menu at SQL Console.
  2. Logs formatting changes in content and title: Font family and size was decreased, and a new popup menu is available allowing you to save and clear the log tab. Logs have been tabbed some more. You can now see/copy/paste raw sql queries as well as logs with timestamp, query time and affected rows.
  3. Table data tab: Auto-focus scroll after added a new line.
  4. Main window: All window panes have now a collapse/expand buttons allowing you to hide every component.


  1. Create table wizard was processing only first 9 columns - corrected.
  2. Fixed bug with integer column types when inserting/editing rows in Tables data tab.