New features:

  • import of database dump available (processing dump moved to background)
  • new combobox under tree with connection with recently selected table nodes.  When selecting item, the tree node is selected and refreshed.
  • tree filter search gains focus on shortcut: Alt + s, and now ignores case
  • now in 'SQL Console' it is possible to run queries with comments (#, //). On application exit, the user gets question to store content of 'SQL Console', if any available.
  • search in 'SQL Console' was enhanced to be more user friendly
  • commit/rollback buttons in tab 'Content of table'  are enabled when active action will occur
  • text view have now new action on popup - Copy
  • when editing connection, edit dialog is possible to open by double click on row in table (with connections)
  • other small enhancements, e.g. when working with folders/files - the last used folder is remembered


  • correction of column name display, especially, when using aliases
  • fix in table dump
  • sort click on tabledatatable header - changed back to be able to resize column size