New stable version released.

New features:

  • Optimize table, check table and repair table sql statements are now available via table right-click popup menu.
  • Enhanced sqlmarks management and optional description attribute for each mark were added.
  • Wizard for creating database, accessible via application menu or database tree.
  • Since null attributes slow down MyIsam table operations, the create table wizard has now a not null default for each column.
  • Reset action clearing all fields in wizards was added.
  • Most menu items have their own keyboard shortcuts assigned.
  • The column filter was redesigned to check visible columns instead of hidden ones. Shortcut icons for show/hide all and revert operations were added.
  • Batch sql query execution! You can now select multiple lines separated by a semicolon (;). Each query gets logged and result set of the last query is returned.
  • Support for explain query was added for the display grid. You can run explain on selected query line through the icon placed in the top toolbar.
  • Enhanced handling of table data tab. Support for multiple row actions (insert/update/delete).

Fixed bugs:

  • Multiple bugs were fixed in the create table wizard. Multiple column index constrains were handled improperly, preventing a user from creating a table. Unsigned column type was handled improperly. Fixed empty string in 'default' column value after editing the cell, preventing tables from being created.
  • Multiple connection bug was fixed, which occurd if skipping between more mysql servers by clicking at opened tables.
  • Datetime data type was handled improperly, causing the table data tab to be empty.