New stable version released.

Added features:

  1. New option in preferences was added:
    • If there is no password stored for the connection, you will be prompted when trying to connect.
  2. If there is alias filled in the connection details, it will be shown in the database tree instead of server.port.login.
  3. Table node right click menu was enhanced by adding three more options: show create table, analyze table, rows count.
  4. Via menu item Load SQL console from file you can load the content of the selected file in the SQL console.
  5. New buttons were added in the tab Content of table:
    • first - moves the selection of the table to the first row ( according to limit);
    • last - moves the selection to the last row of the table.
    • There was also a new checkbox added - Do not use limit - to disable use of the limit in the select query.
  6. In the quicksearch dialog you can use a keyboard shortcut 'Alt +ENTER' to apply serach.


  1. Fixed Date and Timestamp columns inserting/updating.
  2. Fixed commiting change in the current cell after pressing commit button.