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How to create user in mysql (simple example)

Create user :

This is simple example, how to create user in msyql database and provide privileges to work with specified database.

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Update command syntax

Update syntax introduction:

    Update command alters the data contained in the table. It can change multiple columns at once and use multiple conditions. 


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Select syntax

Select syntax introduction:

    Select command is used to acquire and return data from certain table. In this intro I will describe only the most elementary select statements and modifiers.

Select syntax is very self explanatory, but you must respect positiong of all modificators (where, limit, order by, etc). When I explain the details of using a modifier I always mention the positioning of the parameter within the query.

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Insert command syntax

Insert syntax introduction

    Insert command is used to insert data into a table. There are three basic syntax options how to write these queries. 

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