MyJgui logoCross-platform graphical MySql client/front-end

MyJgui 0.6.7 released!

New stable version released.

  • Handling of MySql connection time variables through Manage connections.
  • You can change character encoding of data shown in Table data tab.
  • New option, character encoding, was added into Save results from table/query.

MyJgui 0.6.6 released!

New stable version released.

  • Table data tab allows to edit more than one row and commit changes at once.
  • MyJgui now uses newer jdbc driver (mysql-connector-java-5.1.6-bin.jar).

Fixed bug: in displaying query results in MySqlTab, while changing from columns of the same table.

MyJgui 0.6.4 released!

New stable version released.

  1. Added basic edit functions (undo, redo, cut, copy, paste, select all) in the Sql Console area.
  2. Numerous icons were placed, included some icons from Oxygen icon project.
  3. The logic of the limit check box in the Content of table was reversed.

MyJgui 0.6.5 released!

New stable version released.

  1. You can hide/show columns in the tab Content of table. This option is also managed in Preferences.
  2. In quick search dialog was added a new option: select count(*).
  3. In wizard for creation of table you can now choose database where the new table should be created. Afterwards, an automatic refresh of database tree is performed.

MyJgui 0.6.3 released!

New stable version released.

  1. 'Save layout' functionality was implemented. This allows you to save pane sizes to be used at every startup.
  2. Added a double click shortcut to edit selected field of the content of table.
  3. MyJgui now remebers the last database used in case connection timeout occures.