Top menu

The top menu has this structure: File, View, Tools, Wizards, SQL marks and About.


The tools submenu is composed of following items:


Manage connection

For further details see Connection configuration.


The preferences window allows you to change certain runtime variables. In the next versions many new subitems will be included, so this help will get extended. The preferences are written into the file This file has a classical .ini format, so you can edit it using an ordinary text editor. Before editing directly, store the preferences via application, so you can just change/edit values of the preferences parameters.

So far the editable variables are:




SQL marks

The SQLmarks are a shortcuts for the most frequently used queries. You can create/edit/delete/move a SQLmark through this menu. SQLmarks can be stored also with parameters filled before running the query. For more details see: SQL console.

The rest of the SQLmarks menu is composed of all the saved SQLmarks. The SQLmarks menu tree gets updated in a way that folders are submenus and SQLmarks are menu items within those folders.
After all actions are confirmed in the dialog Manage SQLmarks the new submenu is recreated.
The internals of the SQLmarks are stored in the sqlmarks.xml file. If you have a basic knowledge of xml you can make your changes directly, but any mistake will result in the SQLmark menu will be unusable.


(for further details see wizards section)


The about  submenu contains just one item: About. Contains version and action: Check version. Will connect to page and check if there is already newer version available.

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