New stable version released.

A big performance and responsivity boost has been achieved by optimising data structures and removing redundant calls.
This by far the fastest performing MyJgui release.

Other minor application enhancements:

  • Changing order of connections in db tree/Manage connections.
  • Close buttons in Manage connections and Edit attributes dialogs.
  • By saving layout myjgui saves also the position and size of whole application window.
  • After creating table via wizard, dbtree scrolls to the new table and refreshes all bound tabs.
  • The create table wizard allows to remove selected rows instead of last row.

Fixed bugs:

  • Myjgui makes sure that the passwords get removed from memory after user disconnect.
  • Showing password input dialog again after login failure.
  • Password field gets focus when password dialog appears.
  • Quick search condition building bug fixed.
  • Fixed wrong tab focus after quick search was applied.