MyJgui logoCross-platform graphical MySql client/front-end

Main application window

On the lefthand side is the database/table tree, on the righthand are SQL Console (text area for sql commands), table/data grids and logs.

MyJgui - application window


Dialog for manage connection

Here you can store your most used connections.

Manage connections


You can see the login box for editing/inserting selected connection from dialog: manage connection. Pretty self explanatory.

 Insert/edit connection


Content of table

This picture shows the panel of the tab Content of table. Shows table data and contains also toolbar with useful actions as insert/edit/delete row/s, encoding, limit, advanced search, etc..
Content of table

Advanced search

When you press the icon Advanced search, the dialog will be displayed, where you can easily set your specific conditions.

Search conditions


Next screenshot shows dialog of managing the SQLmarks.

Manage SQLMarks

When adding new SQLmark, the side panel shows as follows:

Manage SQLMarks - Add SQLMark